Reiki Master Training


Next Class to be announced:  Suggestions are welcome for dates after July 1st 2014.  Let me know what you think!

Location: 2015 Center St., Berkeley Ca., One block from BART

Become a full Reiki Master (even if you are not yet Reiki I or II) in ONE in-depth, hands-on accelerated weekend full immersion!

This certification course is currently taught only a few times a year.

(Please be aware that classes are VERY small and personalized, so if you wait too long to sign up, you may need to get on a waiting list.)  Maximum class size is 6.

Preregistration is recommended, as this class will SELL OUT.

Awesome Reiki training at a modest  price!  See below for price and available discounts.


You may have heard that Reiki “should” be taught with time between the attunement levels. This is certainly a valid way to learn Reiki, with an appropriate teacher. However, it is not the only right way to become a Reiki Master.

This accelerated program allows for integration time because it is more an apprenticeship than a single weekend training.

You will get an extensive home-study Reiki Resource kit, hands-on experience and attunements at the intensive weekend, Your Reiki Master Certificate, PLUS follow-up support for a whole year.  You can repeat the training at no charge  so you can integrate this incredible shift at your own pace and learn even more the second time.

You will earn your Reiki Master Degree, with all three levels and attunements, in one intensive weekend.

You will get hands-on training in traditional Usui Reiki healing, and also receive Tibetan and other symbols and,  experience – and get trained in – amazing shamanic extraction techniques. This is a form of psychic surgery and is seldom taught in any Reiki Master programs!

You will learn self-healing, healing others, distance healing, Reiki meditation and principles, and how to give Reiki attunements to others.

Workbooks, several training guides and Reiki Master Certificate plus a bonus Reiki music CD are all included. (The value of the Reiki Resource Kit alone is over $100)

This training is designed so that you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to become a successful Reiki Master.


Any Cloudwing Reiki Master student can repeat the same class at a later date!  This can be useful to update your manuals, practice attunements, get re-attuned, and make new contacts.

Post workshop support is provided through “Reiki shares”; monthly meetings with other practitioners and masters where we talk about issues with clients, practice our skills, and treat each other if appropriate. Additional post workshop support is also provided for those who decide to teach Reiki after this training, within 1 year of the master training.

Pricing and available discounts:

The price of the class is $597.

  • $100 discount for early payment.
  • $50 off for each student you refer who attends.  Those referred students also get $50 off!
  • $50 off if you already have a Reiki I, II, or III certification.
  • $50 off if you are currently serving in the healing arts in a professional capacity; nurse, doctor, massage therapist, etc.

To register call (925)349-9687 or email ReikiJon at Cloudwing dot com  Please leave a message if you get voicemail.  I don’t answer when I’m with a client.

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